Limbs lengthening

It is performed limbs lengthening of lower and upper extremities, because of extremities discrepancy but this clinic is famous as well for cosmetic limbs lengthening using Mitkovic external fixation system or internal devices or combinations. Figure 1 is photo of 20-year-old patient which height is 138 cm and Figure 2 presents the Mitković external fixation lengthening device. In figures 3 and 4 it is shown the X-ray recordings of his lower leg and thigh at the end of the process of lengthening – see the formation of new bone tissue that this device provides a after bone being cut and gradually lengthened 0.66 mm per day. In figure 5, see the patient before the start of a lengthening in figure 6 the same patient after lengthening has been perfoemed and devices rmoved. Total lenthening achieved is 20 cm: 12 cm on the lower legs and 8 cm on the femurs.